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Coroplast signs, commonly referred to as political signs, lawn signs, bootleg signs, and bandit signs, offer versatile applications including menu boards, special event signage, directional and informational signs, indoor point-of-purchase signs, and tradeshow displays. Similar to foam core, dibond, and PVC signs, coroplast signs are sturdy options suitable for both interior and short-term outdoor use. These signs are lightweight, easy to mount, and resistant to water, dust, dirt, and pressure. However, they are less durable compared to hard plastic, wood, or metal signs. To prolong their lifespan, it's recommended to primarily keep them indoors and limit outdoor exposure. Coroplast signs may be susceptible to damage during severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms or excessively hot days.

Coroplast Sign Features:

Coroplast Sign Sizes: We carry the standard sizes and also a Custom Size option incase the size you need isn't listed.

Coroplast Sign Material: Either 4mm or 10mm

Coroplast Sign Flute: If the direction of the flute is important to you, we offer options.

Coroplast Sign Grommets: Some customers hang their coroplast signs and grommets help them do so.

Coroplast Sign H-Stakes: We offer the H-Stakes that help you stand your sign in the grass.

Coroplast Sign Contour Cut: Sometimes we need a littlew more than just a square or a rectangle and we'rer here to help. Supply the ditoutline and we get it cut to your shape of choice.

Coroplast Sign Turnaround: We strive to be one of the fastest printers in the nation. Check out our fast turn around options for Coroplast Signs.

Coroplast Sign File Preparation:

See our FAQs for file preparation tips and accepted file formats.

Custom Quotes & Design Services:

In case you're unable to find your preferred options or lack a print-ready file for your coroplast sign, and you're seeking our design services, navigate to Request a Quote in the main menu. Include essential elements like your logo, required text, and any additional details for a tailored coroplast sign service. Elevate your coroplast sign experience with our customizable options.


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