Discover the perfect gift for book lovers by crafting personalized bookmarks from your own bookshelf. Elevate their reading experience with unique, custom bookmarks tailored to their tastes. Personalized bookmarks add a special touch to any novel or notebook, making them ideal for gifts or keepsakes. Whether for personal enjoyment or professional purposes, our customizable options are sure to delight. Teachers and librarians can reward young readers with these special tokens, fostering a love for literature. Additionally, businesses can leverage custom bookmarks to promote upcoming sales or book releases, effectively spreading the word. Enhance your reading journey with thoughtful, personalized bookmarks designed just for you.

Bookmark Standard Features:

Bookmark Sizes: Choose from a list of standard bookmark sizes or request a quote for your unique sizes.

Bookmark Quantities: 100 to 50,000 - For different quantities, we recommenmd you request a quote.

Bookmark Paper: Choose between 12pt standard or a sturdier 16pt cardstock.

Bookmark Rounded Corner: Any combination of rounded corners and choose between 1/8" or 1"4 radius.

Bookmark Bundling: You can choose to have your bookmarks bundled in 100's.

Bookmark Turnaround: We strive to be one of the fastest printers in the nation. Check out our fast turn around options for Bookmarks.

Bookmark File Preparation:

See our FAQs for file preparation tips and accepted file formats.


Custom Quotes & Design Services:

In case you're unable to find your preferred options or lack a print-ready file for your bookmarks, and you're seeking our design services, navigate to Request a Quote in the main menu. Include essential elements like your logo, required text, and any additional details for a tailored postcard design service. Elevate your postcard printing experience with our customizable options.

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